Google week: Now there is Picasa 3 beta

The current week is no doubt Google week, after Chrome web browser, now there is the latest version of Picasa which is a photo sharing and manipulation package. The Internet giant is going to celebrate its first ten years in business and let’s see many firecrackers there will in the coming days.


A blurb on Google’s blog says that: “Picasa 3.0 beta is there for you that will make publishing photos online quite easy”
The blog says “there are billions of online photos from all around the world that will be hosted by Picasa Web Albums where users add millions of new photos every day and share them with the entire world.”


“ These photos are different in almost each and every aspect ,but they have one thing in common and this is the person behind the camera wants to share his experience with a friend, family or may be the whole world.”


Picasa 3 largely focuses on the way we share and enjoy our photos with others as it has a new feature called ‘name tags’ that allows you easily and quickly label your loved ones in all your photos.


It also features a new ‘Explore’ page which allows users to browse the public content on some site.
Picasa has been upgraded with some latest edition tools that prove quite helpful to fix-red eye, collage, new merge and movie making objects.

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