The latest netbook from Google is going to be out in 2010 with their fabled “Google phone” with the Nexus One that has been really one of the earliest forms of pocket netbooks. This will be out early in next year. It is going to be giant software with apparently dominating hardware tool.

According to TechCrunch this little gem is going to come to our pockets next year. The PC is going to bring in the netbook while running the company’s Chrome OS. This netbook is going to be powered by an Intel Atom with the new processes. This would be quite interesting with the OS becoming quite available with just the machine. There are multiple sources through which Google got set through the chipset from Nvidia’s Tegra line which gets empowered through ARM CPU.

Google computers seem to bring in about a dead cert with its favored packages and wireless data provisions. It will also be selling through mobile operators in order to bring greater mobile operations as well as bringing power consumption in a lower rate. This machine is being looked forward to with great hope to bring some incredible results in technological advancements.