Graphic organizer: A valuable tool to show the order and comprehensiveness of the students’ thought process.

Nowadays graphic organizers have become valuable tools for teaching and instructions. This is specialty of graphic organizers that they show an endlessness and flexibility in choices of use.  It’s their common trait that they demonstrate the order and comprehensiveness of the thought process in students. With the help of graphic organizers, it becomes quite clear that how do they understand things.

Concept Maps, Mind Maps and Graphic Organizers help to organize information, thoughts, understanding, remembering and writing in pictorial or graphical ways. These different tools can be used to boost learning and develop a sound foundation for learning.

Though graphic organizer is power tool, it is somewhat utilized. When adults or children use them, they find it surprisingly helpful and think that they must have got it earlier to understand things better.

A vast majority of people is bound by typewriter mentality and weighty pen, paper, pencil and eraser etc. Designing and arranging have become quite easier with some newly developed software programs as we can cut, paste, clip and paste information at will.

Graphic organizers not only help students but they also prove very helpful for the teachers and instructors because they are highly personalized and show the thinking of an individual.

If graphic organizers are used effectively, they have the ability to foster learning in many areas including comprehension, reading and vocabulary knowledge. There are many studies whose outcomes suggest that graphic organizers have the ability to considerably improve vocabulary knowledge and reading. With the help of graphic organizers the students can better understand the concept and meanings behind what they are reading. The students can determine a main idea in this way and can build the entire story by themselves. It helps to enhance reading and writing abilities of the students and they begin to understand better than before.

The students structure important ideas and eliminate less important ones with the help of these graphic organizers. The students can considerably increase their comprehension skills and vocabulary knowledge if they learn how to use these visual learning tools.

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