If the response of iPhone is not up to your standards Griffin offers you a way out with a built-in antenna-boosting case. The Griffin ClearBoost is a black polycarbonate iPhone case with rubber pronunciations that don’t block radio waves. If you live in a quarter where you come across with obscurity with response you might take help from the ClearBoost antenna which would amplify signal potency under a number of suitable conditions.


For most US clients, the ClearBoost would increase signal and trim down the dropped calls maybe enlarge download times where reception would by and large be complicated. But it is beneficial to some extent where you have diminutive assessable advantage. However, the placebo effect and evaluations with other iPhone users looked like heartening.


The price is analogous to other cases with impending gigantic reimbursements over the others. Besides, the package contains a fixed covering screen protector and a clear out cloth. Such a case was designed exclusively for presently shipping iPhones, but stay tuned for a new set of products of the iPhone 3G


The ClearBoost is as shielding as many other cases. It has the signature Griffin enhanced means of closing around the iPhone. It entails a coin to stretch the countenance from the back half to take away it. The polycarbonate black plastic looks after the touchtone phone from a good number of smacks and drops, but it does have the equivalent quandary as just like the other two-part cases. This would take into muck as well as filth to access the case. Therefore, such a dust would chafe and scratches mark the iPhone over the time.


One of the shortcomings is that this case exposes the cell phone. The entire acme part from earphone to command button is uncovered and this gives the impression superfluously.

The rubber crux is the last part of the antenna sticks up about a centimeter in excess of the customary iPhone stature, but doesn’t in actual fact start substantially.


The results calculated in the 1900MHz band however the ClearBoost is intended to work best in the 850MHz band that is the preponderance of the US coverage. In the course of a little bit of touchtone phone calling and well thought-out Googling the area of the country (Raleigh, NC) was using 1900MHz for AT&T, T-Mobile, and SunCom however Alltel, Verizon, and Sprint customers used the 850MHz band. This elucidated that you don’t catch the bursting benefit of the ClearBoost case in the surrounding locality. Knowing this, the majority of the people don’t know why their experiences are better compared to other iPhone users around along with the Field Test Mode.

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