Your mobile text messages are no more safe

Mobile phone are becoming more like tiny computers with every passing day and some researchers says that the time is near when hackers will get their dirty paws all your messaging and other private stuff.
Georgia Institute of Technology’s researchers say the mobile phones might be turned into ‘botnets’ and would be used to topple important websites or organizations. The handsets may easily infect because of the budding nature of mobile internet.


Cell phone botnets can be used in a variety of ways to PCs, for example, you can call premium rate numbers without being noticed by the owner or buy ringtones automatically from some websites.

Botnet expert Joe Stewart, who is director of Malware Research at SecureWorks, says: “The question rises can they do it in an effective manner and make a lot of money without any risk.”“And if they succeed doing it, they will surely do it.”


Many companies including Symantec have begun developing software to fight with viruses and botnets on handsets, but the problem they are facing is that these programmes are needed to run constantly that is not good for battery life. So, let’s watch and wait who succeeds first hackers or anti-hackers?


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