HANNspree uncovers one of the smallest full HD TVs

vw22l_listing.jpgThe post in which HANNspree announced a 28in TV with Full HD capabilities (the HT09) wasn’t less than a bombshell for many a major television manufacturers.

The HT09 has a 1920×1200 pixels screen with a 16:10 screen ratio (though not good enough for widescreen viewing, quite impressive however.)

The thing that has been especially cared for is connectivity. It has 2xHDMI ports and 2x Scart inputs aside from composite, component and VGA. Similarly, a 3ms response rate is quite helpful to jitter from quick-moving imagery.


No doubt, it can be a good choice for its Full HD visuals, but the thing that let it down is the audio side. There are only two five-watt speakers and you may have spent some for extra audio enhancement to try out the latest HD movies.


But you need not to stick to the downside as the price tag is somewhat more-than reasonable for a full HDD TV. The HT09 will set you back in just £279.99.


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