First, it is the best available gadget (It may sound harsh to Blackberry fans) I have ever used, secondly, its features are so tempting that you can’t stop using them if start just the once. Internet browsing, email, weather forecast, maps, stocks, news and many other don’t allow you to divert from your iPhone.


But mind it the gadgets require energy to perform all these tasks and battery is the thing that to make energy available to execute all of them. We can’t say the iPhone’s battery is not up to the mark (As many people reckon it a drawback that battery begins to show lower level of charge towards the end of the day) but the fact is that the iPhone is overused that’s why the battery has to show lower charge level or it runs out. It is same as, if you have 10 dollars, they would never end except you spend them. The same is true about iPhone’s battery: the more you use, the earlier it ends.

But lower charge levels or complete run out is always painful and irritating issue that makes you feel hampered and disconnected from your surrounding world. You get null and out of juice especially while traveling or in an airport. The best solution lies to have an additional battery to avoid these tribulations.

To offer you best alternative for such situations Richard Solo (The Sharper Image fame Richard Thalhemier’s new site where he offers different gadgets) presents the Battery Backup for iPhone and iPod. A 1200mAH lithium-ion that takes 3.5hrs to be charged fully through USB, it weighs around 2.76 ounces with 1.77’’x 2.83”x 0.49” measures and the price is around $49.95.

The battery is proficient to work with iPhone as well made for iPod.The battery and iPhone can be charged at similar time and phone can also be used when the battery is connected to it. Apart from shuffle the battery works with all iPods. There is a three color LED light system that indicates about the remaining charge in the battery.

The battery is small yet very powerful, perhaps, the most powerful available in this size. You can easily slip it in your pocket, wallet and briefcase. There many other batteries available in the market but most of them are disposable, large in size or with lots of cables .Sometimes these ordinary batteries can also damage your iPhone.

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