have been sold in the first three days after launch, Apple Inc. asserts.

After the arrival of the new 3rd Gen iPhone in the market, more than 1 million phones have been sold in the first three days, Apple Inc told.

It was, indeed, a stunning opening weekend for the new model,” Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs stated.
However, there were no words about widespread software problems that weighed down the launch.
Apple’s servers collapsed on Friday when the buyers were trying to activate their new iPhones and the people who had older version iPhones and the iPod Touch were reactivating and updating their gadgets.

Reports related to activation problems much decreased at the weekend when Apple’s servers apparently improved and the owners of new phones could activate their phones through their PCs. The issue seems to be resolved as there wasn’t much fuss on Monday, stated Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin.

When it was requested about more information regarding activation problems, Apple didn’t respond to e-mails and calls.
Almost 6 million units of the first version of the iPhone have been sold in the U.S. after its launch that was made a year back. Apple is aiming to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of this year.



With $1.30 increase Apple shares closed at $173.88 on Monday evening.

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