Skiff eBook

Hearst has launched a thin and flexible Skiff  eBook that is going on to bring further distribution of their content. This is not going to be quite a surprise how electronic books are making waves in bringing some of the greater announcements as expected.

There is going to be a hug deal with CES 2010 along with new eBook announcements. The most interesting form of 11.5 inch flexible through Skiff is going to be published through Hearst Media in US. This is going to be a really great resolution with full on screen and slithering of things coming through 0.25 inches in thickness.

There is going to be 3G connectivity and a flexibility display of the thin sheets of stainless steel foil. These are going to bring new forms of designs. The 3G connectivity will come with the resolution screen of 1200 x 1600. This is a great flexi-reader with thinner eReader on the market along with launch of partnership with Sprint in the US.