David McGoran designed ‘Heart Robot’ that likes being hugged and stroked is on display at London’s Science Museum
The new Robot is being hyped as an example of future ‘emotional machines’ and it would be deployed in hospitals to offer medical treatments to humans.


The Heart Robot has a beating heart that slows down when the machine is treated gently and rises when shaken. It also flutters eyes and responds to touch.

McGoran, a researcher in the Department of Robotics at the University of West England, told in an interview that he had his background in puppetry and dance and it was full of fun for him to work on this project.
The EPSRC has funded for the Heart Robot project that is working to bring people in the researches related to social and emotional robotics.


“Wall-E’s new robot is a good example of social and emotional robotics as it’s a nice expression robot,” McGoran states.
“Robots are usually considered cold, hard, steel machines but now we are trying to change this image trying to make them cute, cuddly and infant-like those respond to us just like pets.” McGoran adds


You can get more info related to Heart Robot project at Heartrobot.org.uk.

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