A new bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp, which can be alienated into a lighting circuit and arc tube unit, has been jointly developed by Hitachi Lighting Ltd and Seiyu Co Ltd.

Just with arc tube unit replacement at the end of its 10,000 hours life, the lighting circuit unit can be used again and again. Besides power saving feature, the fluorescent lamp also helps to decrease the amount of waste that leads to save resources. Hitachi Lighting highlighting these features to sell its new lamps.

According to the company, they are quite hopeful to replace 30% of the products on the market with the separable type during the next five years.

There is an 810lm total flux of the luminescent color (model No.FTH15EL/13/ADE) and 730lm of the daylight color (FTH15ED/13/ADE). It has been aimed by the company to replace 60W incandescent bulbs with its new product. The new bulb consumes 13W that is around ¼ of a 60W incandescent bulb.

There is around 30,000 hours lighting circuit unit life and the arc tube is replaceable for three times in one lighting circuit unit.

With a 30,000 assumed operating time, the amount of copper which is used in the lighting circuit can be reduced to 1/5 of which required by the company’s current bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp which consists of only 6,000 hours life. “During production CO2 emissions have been reduced almost 70%” the company said.

According to company report, the lamp becomes instantly bright after turning on because of the improved composition of the filler gas in the arc tube. However, proprietary heat dissipation measures have been adopted by the company as the new composition is poor resistance to heat.

Some other techniques to extend the life of the lighting circuit have also been employed by the company.

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