During the past few years, we have seen several failed attempts related to market wire-free gadget chargers. So, now the things don’t feel quite interesting whenever we listen about such gadgets (perhaps we know about their fate.)

This time, it comes from Panasonic Electric Works which is about to reveal its electromagnetic induction charger. Once again there are strong hopes that it will make to the shops one day.

This slim but unnamed charging coil is only 1mm thick and because of this slimness it must be a relatively easy sell to device makers that want to keep the huge quantity down. Normally, wireless chargers are considered to develop for handsets, MP3 players and many other portable devices where weight does matter.

According to Panasonic subsidiary, it is considering to get the device and its joining base station which connects to the mains into stores during the first half of the coming year. Should we hold our breath again?