If you are grumbling about having to do some domestic tasks, it is possible you may be thinking about Japan and this exceptionally unfair fact that home-help robot are part and parcel of almost every home there.

Actually, it is not so, but soon it may become reality at least Tokyo University’ recent research robot seems to suggest that.

This mechanical maid has been named ‘AR’ and it has been developed by carmaker Toyota and the college’s Information and Robot Technology and Research Initiative.

This Robot maid has the ability to recognize laundry and it doesn’t end here as it can pick it and up take to a washing machine as well. Usually, traditional robots are in trouble when they have to get any such thing as is not hard and of a regular shape.

Similarly, it can also move furniture out of the way when it is needed to use a brush to sweep floor.

Though it is not able to perform many other tasks that are required to run a household, it seems to suggest that it’s something more than just domestic robots which beetle vacuum cleaners.

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