twitter-logoMost of the internet users might have heard about Twitter, but one thing is certain that most of them didn’t ever dare to try it, as they would know where and how to start. Well, you must keep this thing in mind that the site offers you loads of benefits and opportunities and it can be very helpful if you learn to use or to be more exact begin to tweet at twitter.

With this nice service, one can stay connected and communicate with family, friends and colleagues with frequent and quick messaging. Users are allowed to write down their short messages or tweets that are of 140 or fewer characters.

These messages are shown on your profile or posted on your blog and your followers can get these messages from there.

Right now the service has become one of the fastest social media service and another thing that it quite important for you to learn using that site is that Twitter has the potential to become even bigger than MySpace and Facebook and may take on on day on Google and Yahoo for news.



Accessing Twitter

  • One can access to Twitter through Internet at and you can also access the site via your mobile at
  • Similarly, third-party applications have also been developed that are integrated with Twitter.
    Creating an Account
  • If you want to create an account on Twitter, you first step is to go in the settings and give a short intro of yourself and then upload some picture. It has been observed that people like to follow who have that all. If you want to existing friend on the site, you need to go to ‘Find People’.
  • If you are using Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL account, you can automatically invite some friends that currently not using the service.
  • You can also the users whom you are interested in with the ‘Suggested Users’ tab. After doing that you can write your first Tweet.


Many people are of the view that the more followers one has, the higher the chances of becoming popular, as it gives you a real greater coverage and that’s why it is quite important for you to get as many followers as you can and you have to do that quite quickly.

However, it’s not quite difficult to make lots of followers there and all you need to do is to offer interesting and really worthwhile tweets. Similarly, there are many people who will follow you when you follow them. If you focus on the community instead of taking something from it you will definitely have more and more followers that will definitely like to trust your tweets.

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