There were a lot of rumors floating around about the next Windows phone which was also known as the HTC Leo and how much greatness it would command over other phones, and actually they were mostly right. A new era of Windows phones does begin with the release of this one- it has a capacitive touch-screen screen and wait for it, a 1gigahertz snapdragon processor among all its other mind blowing features.

There is currently no other phone, even an iPhone that comes close to the kinds of features that this phone has to offer. The phone is quite big in fact, and is bigger than a Touch Pro2 as well but is not at all bulky or chunky in anyway, it is only 11m thick and quite easy to carry around. HD was also in fact thicker than HTC HD2, and so this is perfect example for nanotechnology and how devices are getting tinier and tinier with better features. Besides the thickness, the top of the phone has an amazing effect as almost the whole front is occupied by a screen which is nearly 4.3” with only a small space for some controls.


Talking about the screen, you are assured of facing no lagging while using the touch-screen as it uses the very new sense interface which runs with some help from the 1 gigahertz processor and the Windows mobile 6.5 software making speed on the touch-screen no issue at all and you will face no trouble with troubleshooting and errors which happens with most other touch-screen phones. This is actually the first phone till date that has been designed incorporating the capacitive screen. Above the screen there is also some space which is occupied by a grille for the speaker in the front that is required and also in fact the Led for charging. Also along with the grille there are two sensors that are very important for the phone, these two sensors are the backlight sensor and the proximity sensor. The front of the phone has quite a simplistic design of buttons and keys as there is only a short and simple row of buttons at the bottom of the screen which has the basic function requirements in place. You have to admit that there is some great engineering achievement that goes into a design such as this.

Besides the above, another very good feature is the jack for headphones that the phone provides- a micro USB connector, not even a mini USB connector for the Jack making it even easier to move around with. Also, at the back of the phone there is only the lens of the camera that features in the phone, and this is 5megapixel for amazing picture quality. The camera actually remarkably hardly sticks out a few millimeters out of the back of the phone but there is also a very narrow edge that runs along the entire size of the camera lens so that if you place it some kind of surface that can cause scratches on the lens it would not be affected. Besides the lens there are also actually two LED’s which help the picture come out very bright and clear when taken in the dark. Also, you will be surprised that there is no requirement of a stylus with this phone and it doesn’t even come with one.

This is mainly due to the capacitive screen that the phone comes with which makes it unnecessary to use a stylus. Of course the camera cannot be as great as an SLR camera and that would take perhaps a few more years to come up with such great developments, for the time being having such a camera itself in the phone is a great achievement.

Besides the achievements of the phone in terms of design there are also some great features of software such as the great speed and easy use of the web browser that the phone incorporates, also, you can actually attach files while sending emails which also makes things easier for people on the go. Besides the most basic inclusion of the FM radio, it also has the tracking device GPS which makes locating destinations around you very easy and accessible.


 sPhoto by Vodafone España


Also, the internal memory is a huge 512Mb and has an expandable memory of 8Gb which is actually a brilliant feature of the phone. Over all therefore the phone offers everything that a new HTC Microsoft phone was expected to have offered and has some revolutionary features. The screen is of course the main feature that mesmerizes everyone and is pretty useful too with its capacitor feature.

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