Huawei to unveil Android phone next month

“Hello! You may have used our 3.5G mobile internet sticks, and now we are bringing a phone for you that will utilize the power of Android.”

Well, this would be the statement that we can expect from Huawei at the launch of its new Android phone, which is due next month at MWC.

Huawei new Android venture suggests that these guys just don’t to restrict their magic only to broadband stick market, but also want to expand this magic into the handset markets through Google’s Android.

This release of Android handset is being considered as one of the biggest releases at Mobile World Conference and Huawei will receive tons of kudos as the second maker to unveil an Android device.

Some paraphernalia, we can expect from this new Android powered device, are a nice touchscreen as well as some buttons, a robust camera and nice connectivity, as it will be the first device that features HSPA+ internet that means a nice speed of over 42Mbps wireless speed.

When it comes to UK, it’s true that at present there is little infrastructure to back it with maximum speed, but what’s wrong to get some nice options.



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