Recession has proved quite destructive for many bigwigs of the tech industry, but there are some who are still recession-proof despite worldwide economic slowdown. Well, we have been hearing about Apple and Google that doing sailing smoothly in the boggy recession waters, but now IBM has also come up as a rare animal in these days.

Though its sales have hurt, profit margins have got quite well.  These guys have ramped up their earnings forecast for the year and according to some reports, there are some healthy sign of growth in the company’s revenues and it is indeed a somewhat hard to find confidence sign for a great corporation like IBM.

Accenture Ltd is quite well-known as an IBM rival in outsourcing and consulting says that about the current market situation that there are only a few opportunities in the higher end services this year.

A similar sort of statement also came from Dell this week as it said that the company is facing problems to sell its PCs to different businesses. However, IBM seems quite confident though its sales have slipped in Q2, it’s expecting to earn good profits this year.

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