IBM with New Cisco Backed Database

IBM Acquires Guardium

IBM is about to acquire their new Cisco backed database that will come with a sound security. They come with the Guardium with $225 million budget. These rumors have it going that the database security would be having some of the greatest financial run through with the project plan so far. There are going to be new acquisitions as well as reported shelling out of $225 million for the Israeli based Guardium. IBM alone has acquired for bigger companies with some of the greater ones like RedPill Solutions, SPSS, Ounce Labs, Exeros and Outblaze.


There are of course going to be subsidiary Log-on Software with new technologies. This will bring new security services along with profitable market reports. The sales would be growing to be ten millions every year.

The start up security system would have enterprising schemes including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and several other companies as well. The Market reports have been made to be profitable with some of the greater sales being made through marketing reports. In 2002 $21 million had been raised with some of the greater funding being raised with Cisco, Cedar Fund, Ascent Venture Partners, Stage One Ventures, Veritas Venture Partners, etc.

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