IE 8 lands finally

ie8_logoAfter long, long public trials, Microsoft has launched its IE 8 finally with the hopes and expectations of better security that has been particularly emphasized in this new version. The Redmond company is introducing WebSlices as well as InPrivate Brwosing features in it with this hope that they will prove quite effective to stop users migration to other available rival browsers.

John Curran says in an interview that Microsoft’s this latest offering will prove quite effective and take on anyone available in the market.

“You will definitely find a significant difference between IE8 and the other available players, as many significant improvements have been done to offer all the comforts and protections for a real nice web browsing experience.

There are many features that will definitely entice the users it’s ageing predecessors to upgrade their tools.”
Here are some features that make upgrading essential.


With the right mouse button, you can get some better functionally by using accelerators that are small programs. So, if you right click on some destination, you will be able to look for it in Google Maps or Liver.

WebSlices describes RSS with bells on that brings information from different things such as eBay auctions.
The most important part of the improved security system is InPrivate Blocking and InPrivate Browsing.


The InPrivate Browser allows users to surf the web without leaving any traces of your use. Information can also be blocked to pass to a website via InPrivate Blocking. Aside from that many other new security features have also been included that promise to make browsing a real safe thing for you.

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