Browsers Battle

When it comes to browser’s changing world, Internet Explorer has been ruling the roost for quite some times and now Mozilla Firefox seems quite active to get some rightful share of the browser world. Some like IE and other think Firefox is a lot better than IE, while there are many who are living a dual browser life and using both for different purposes, as they find Firefox better for one sort of tasks while IE for the other sorts of tasks.

But the thing I have observed that people with better know-how of the www. often seem to prefer Firefox to IE , and those who have been using Windows and know nothing except about the given standard things, they don’t even know that anything besides Internet Explorer exists for web browsing.

When most of internet users will begin to know that some other browsers also exist, they will definitely prefer to some others, but right IE seems to remain as the king of the ring for quite some time.

Both Microsoft and Mozilla seem to make web browsing a real joyful and friendly experience for their users and have been launching their latest versions with more innovation and advancements. Now there is IE8 from Microsoft and Firefox 3.5 from Mozilla and only those users can tell better which one is better that will use both, otherwise, who know a lot will prefer to Firefox 3.5 and those who can’t think anything else except Windows and its given browser will stick to IE.

However, those have used both say that IE8 is really a nice thing to handle tabs and you need not to lose in the tabs forest that can be seen in Firefox or Google Chrome. The IE8 allows you to automatically organize the tabs with the help of color-coding.


When both of these browsers put on test, they were found with lots of similarities in a dissimilar way.

There is an InPrivate Browsing feature in IE8 that avoid it to store data in some browsing session like temporary internet files , cookies , history and other such sort of data. Similarly, there is Private Browsing feature in Firefox 3 that seems to offer the same functions.

A superscary privacy invasion tool is quite common in of them that hae been named as Suggested Sites in IE8 while in Firefox there is Location Aware Browsing that is also known as geolocation.

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Accelerators, Web slices or automatic feed update, SmartScreen Filter and compatibility views are some really cool features of the IE8, on the other hand, With TraceMonkey JavaScript engine; the beta of Firefox 3.5 version seems to increase the stability and performance and houses some really impressive features like HTML5 latest web technology for better audio and video features.

Both these browsers have some remarkable features, and both seem to have lots of similarities, you need to use both to decide which one is really better rather than sticking to only one.

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