iFixit took apart the new Mac Studio - the memory can still be replaced, but there are nuances

The specialists of the famous iFixit workshop disassembled the latest Apple Mac Studio computer, namely the M1 Max chip model. The computer in a "monolithic" case made of extruded aluminum is, in a certain sense, an intermediate between the Mac Pro and the Mac mini.

During the disassembly, experts tried to install a drive from another Mac. Previously, it was reported that you cannot use third-party SSDs in the new Macs, as well as drives from other Macs. But that's not entirely true. After replacing the flash memory with a similar one from another Mac Studio and a number of manipulations with the configurator, they managed to make the system work. But we're only talking about drives with identical capacity - larger drives are not recognized. Probably, the software update will allow upgrading the memory in the future.

But it's hardly possible to upgrade the RAM even in theory without resorting to complicated operations - the RAM is soldered right into the processor's substrate. A significant part of the enclosure is occupied by two coolers - the price for the performance of the Apple chipset, which requires a powerful cooling. Experts noted that the cooling system is not easy to clean off dust, but considering the fact that memory is almost impossible to upgrade, they did not rule out that the novelty will not have time to get dusty before it becomes obsolete.

Taking into account all the shortcomings like coolers-fans hidden under several layers of iron and the impossibility to upgrade memory (both permanent and RAM), the computer scored 6 out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale.

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