Did you ever fancy to annoy your friendly neighbor on flight by talking loudly through your cell phone? Well if not, now it is time to think about it as Ryanair will allow you to do the same with its in-flight mobile service that is due early next month.

‘Miniature mobile phone masts’ will be placed in 14 Ryanair’s 166 bargain-fare airplanes. So, now you can text or talk in the air as long as you want (or if your neighbor on flight doesn’t try to grab your phone and throttle you.)

These mini pico-cell powered phone masts could only handle around six calls at a time, but text must not jam the local in-flight network.

However, you need not to be so excited so soon, as O2 is planning to charge around £1.65 and £1.99 a minute to make or receive a call and for SMS 40p. An unspecified slice of this revenue will be given to Ryanair.



A spokesperson from Ryanair told that the company was planning to roll the service out across the entire fleet within next six months.



According to technology partner OnAir, the picocells that have been used in Ryanair’s in-flight mobile couldn’t interfere with any navigation equipment of the planes as it has been declared totally safe by the Aviation Safety Authority.

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