appel_logoApple is quite optimistic about its iPods and iPhones even in these recession stricken days, the company is expecting a huge increase in its iPods and iPhones demands in the coming days and that’s why it has purchased a considerable chunk of flash memory supply worldwide. Because of these huge purchases of flash memory from Apple, a shortage has occurred and other manufacturers facing difficulties in this connection.

According to ThinkEquity, Apple has purchased all those NANDs that Samsung is going to produce in the next two or three months.

Samsung produces nearly 40% of the NAND flash in the world and it indicates Apple’s increasing appetite for flash.

These bulky orders are making it difficult for other makers to get the proper supply of flash for their gears.


ThinkEquity reports that 1GB and 2GB flash drives will see a considerable rise in the prices in the coming days, as Apple is going to corner the market for its 16 and 8GB components.  Things are things worse as flash memory makers are looking to phase out small units anyway.


There are also rumors that these raising demands are also point towards the coming version of the iPhone for which you will hear a lot in the coming days.

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