Intel Alder Lake-N processor specifications published

Intel has already released dozens of 12th-generation Core Alder Lake processors for desktops, laptops and ultra-thin laptops. Intel is preparing its Alder-Lake N system-on-a-chip, which has small, energy-efficient Gracemont cores. The Intel Alder Lake-N processor apparently contains up to eight cores based on the energy-efficient Gracemont microarchitecture, which come in two quad-core clusters with 2MB of L2 cache per cluster and a shared L3 cache.

Gracemont is a 5-part disordered architecture with an improved pattern-recognition branch predictor, new execution units for integers, more executive ports, and even support for L3 caches. Gracemont's eight cores promise to deliver impressive performance even compared to the "bigger" cores of the previous generation, such as Skylake. Nevertheless, Intel's upcoming low-power and low-cost PC platform could offer performance on par with the premium PCs released about three or four years ago. The Intel Alder Lake-N also has an integrated graphics processor with 32 execution units based on the Intel Xe-LP architecture, multimedia and display mechanisms. Intel Xe-LP has state-of-the-art multimedia encoding/decoding capabilities (with support for AV1, H.264, H.265, Dolby Vision and 8Kp60), so expect Alder Lake-N systems to offer



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