Intel announces Rialto Bridge processor for accelerated artificial intelligence

During the International Supercomputing Conference on May 31, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany, Jeff McVeigh, vice president and general manager of the Supercomputing Group at Intel Corporation, announced Rialto Bridge, Intel's data center graphics processor (GPU). Using the same architecture as Intel's Ponte Vecchio data center GPU and combining improved tiles with Intel's next technology node, Rialto Bridge will offer up to 160 Xe cores, more FLOP, more I/O throughput and higher TDP limits for significant increases in density, performance and efficiency.

Intel announces Rialto Bridge processor


This year, Intel has committed to achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions in our global operations and developing greener technology solutions by 2040. Meeting the insatiable demand for computing while creating a sustainable future is one of the biggest challenges for high performance computing (HPC). Despite the complexity, it is achievable if we pay attention to every part of the HPC computing stack - chips, software and systems.

Intel announces Rialto Bridge processor


Falcon Shores is the next major architectural innovation on Intel's roadmap, combining the x86 CPU and Xe GPU architectures in a single socket. This architecture is targeted for 2024 and is projected to deliver more than a 5X increase in performance per watt, a 5X increase in compute density, a 5X increase in memory and an increase in bandwidth.

Intel announces Rialto Bridge processor

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