Intel has released its ‘first alpha release of the open-source OS based on Linux’, named as Moblin. It been the first operating system released by Micosoft other than Windows.

This project has taken time of a year and a half. The company told that this Linux based operating system is meant for netbooks. Reason thereby, it takes low power to run, making it best for small portable computers and netbooks.

Windows was a bit heavy operating system to run low cost and low power computers, especially for netbooks.

Now with the release of Moblin, people who had problems with Windows on their small computers will be greatly relieved.

Moblin has been designed to run on Intel Atom processor initially, we can’t say that it is not compatible with other processors. Yet the officially confirmed compatibility is the Acer Aspire one and Dell Mini.

It is told on the project website that Moblin can run on Eee PCs easily. But there are minute problems in running Moblin on Eee PCs; it has some problems with the wireless networking systems.

We hope that after Moblin takes flight of liking and success, it will be developed for Core 2 CPUs and other makes too. It is a great deal of work on Intel’s part as it has been refining Windows since its release without thinking of developing any other operating system.

Now with Moblin, Intel will be able to grab the market of netbooks and low power devices which were hungry for a quality operating system.