tablet_pc.jpgWhy Intel’s Graphics Media Accelerators (GMA) is seen in more laptops than any other maker’s chipsets? The answer is simple, just because of its marketplace position instead of the offered capabilities.

Before going through the pros and cons of this GMA X3100, it is better to know the competence of this device into the context of who have been aimed for its design; they are in fact the casual gamers. You need to put some money in a suitable distinctive graphics solution if you really want to enjoy latest titles like Unreal Tournament 2007 or Bioshock. Older and last-generation games like Doom 3 or like World of Warcraft are usual targets of incorporated graphics.

It backs hardware Transform and Lighting (T & L) and programmable shader units; this is indeed the greatest news about this GMA X3100.

500MHz clock run, enhanced Intel Clear Video Technology, support for Vista’s Aero prettiness and output to an HDMI connector are some possess of that engine. Direct X9 and Open GL 1.5 are there to serve for API support and together with more power-saving poses this is certainly an imperative updates of these days.

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This GMA X3100 carries the similar values of Intel’s earlier graphics solutions that are about compatibility. To play games at anything more than PowerPoint slideshow speeds, there‘s hardly ever been the power obtainable for it and to deliver those pictures precisely takes you to put up with pitiable frame rates given that everything seems fine.


While on test, the offered solutions of the new device are somewhat similar to the older solutions – 3DMark06, the yardstick of the industry to determine the potentials of graphics engines in common, came back at a score of 416. Though the result is double from the older generation of incorporated graphics, it is not suitable for titles like next-generation.8000 is noted score of some top-end cards while cheaper cards manage to reach around 4000 mark.


In everyday life performance terms, the lesser volume of handled data of the device reveals while playing Doom 3 back at the high-ended situation of 800×600- its not playable anything less than 10fps. At 18fps Half-time 2 did a bit good but astonishingly score was better than its last-generation graphics that was smoother around 5fps.No doubt, existence  of hardware T&L is a nice add but still the low fill rate is obviously a restricting factor.

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