Intel introduced Alder Lake chips for thin laptops

Intel unveiled the first wave of its 12th-generation Alder Lake chips at CES 2022, but only for its H-series line of chips, designed for the most powerful and power-hungry notebooks. And now the manufacturer is releasing the rest of its Alder Lake notebook chip lineup: the P-series and U-series models, which Intel briefly showcased in January, and which are designed for thinner, lighter and cheaper 2022 laptops. In total, there are as many as 20 chips suitable for a wide range of hardware in the P-Series, U-Series (15W) and U-Series (9W) categories.

Like their more powerful H-series brethren (and the Alder Lake desktop chips that Intel released in late 2021 and at CES 2022), the new P and U-series chips have many more cores than the 2020 11th generation models, with a hybrid approach to architecture that combines performance and efficiency cores to maximize power and battery life. And Intel promises some big improvements associated with this increased number of cores, advertising up to 70 percent better multithreaded performance than previous 11th-generation hardware (and AMD). The company also claims to beat chips like the Apple M1 and M1 Pro (though not the M1 Max) in tests, and the AMD Ryzen R7 5800U in tasks like web browsing and photo editing, though we have yet to see how much that performance shows itself in new independent tests.

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