Intel plans to produce millions of Arc graphics cards annually

Raja Koduri, vice president and head of Intel GPU division, responded to an open letter from PC Gamer, addressed to the company, in which the electronic giant was asked to find a solution to the inadequate pricing of graphics cards.

The "nightmare GPU crisis" mentioned by the author of the open letter turned the whole graphics market upside down: gamers lost the opportunity to buy graphics cards at affordable prices. The reason for this were several factors, including the shortage of semiconductor components, the growing (mainly) prices of cryptocurrencies, as well as the millions of people who are still forced to work remotely.

Intel GPU

The problem is at least a year old: graphics cards are present in retail chains, but are sold at prices on the verge of absurdity. The situation is improving, but only slightly so far, with periodic declines in cryptocurrency quotes, the planned transition of Ethereum blockchain to the Proof-of-Stake model, as well as low-cost graphics cards that NVIDIA and AMD have recently released.

The third player on the graphics card market promises to be Intel, which has prepared its own discrete graphics cards, and even promised to release them on the market in the first quarter, but did not specify when they will appear in retail. The authors publication hastened to calm the vice president of Intel Raja Koduri, who turned to PC Gamer in a tweet and said that the graphics division of the company is currently working to solve the problem, seeking opportunities to deliver millions of graphics cards Arc annually. Graphics manufacturers ship millions of graphics processors every quarter, and a few million more units a year from Intel could really make a positive impact on the global market.


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