Intel's Arc Alchemist A780 may be delayed until the third quarter of 2022

An insider hiding under the nickname Enthusiastic Citizen recently shared information about Intel's plans for the Arc line of graphics processors for desktops. According to the source, the Arc line of desktops will unfortunately be delayed.

Intel's desktop GPUs may not launch until the second or early third quarter. This could put these parts in direct competition with AMD and NVIDIA's next-generation GPUs, which are due later this year.

ors suggested that Intel's flagship Arc graphics cards would compete with the GeForce RTX 3070 and RX 6800. At the right price point, this would be a great position for Intel, especially if it brought these cards to market a little earlier, just during the GPU shortage.

As things stand now, a further delay of 4-6 months could put Intel at a competitive disadvantage.

Previously, NVIDIA's Restocked and Reloaded campaign led to a significant price reduction on RTX 30 series parts. Availability for the RX 6000 series has also improved. What's more, there are rumors that NVIDIA's top-of-the-line Lovelace card could be 60 to 80 percent faster than the GeForce RTX 3090.

If that's true, Intel's top-of-the-line Arc cards could provide less than half that performance. That said, unless Intel is positioning and pricing them as mid-tier contenders, the Arc lineup could be in a tough spot in the post-recession GPU market.

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