Intel to bring Flash in its CE3100 media processor

Intel and Adobe have joint forces to bring Flash into Intel’s media processor named CE 3100. This teamwork seems to promise a rich and seamless web-based video viewing experience through Intel’s cable set-top boxes, digital TVs, Blu-ray Disc players and AV devices.

The last couple of years were of mixed sort for Adobe’s flash software, as Apple refused to bring Flash to the iPhone, while Microsoft came up with its Silverlight.  Well, it was a double blow for it.

However, Intel has decided to back that format in its coming Media Processor and you would see it with Adobe first Flash Lite version that is expected by the end of 2nd quarter.

According to intel’s William Leszinske Jr., “The CE3100 Media Processor provides a highly integrated solution that offers flexible, but powerful technology foundation that will definitely provide a new life to HD capabilities of Flash,”

“We have joint forces with Adobe so that we may be able to accelerate a complete, but relevant experience of the Internet on TV it will offer access to users for an increasing number of Flash-based applications that can be enjoyed on various screens including laptop ,MID and now on the TV.”

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