According to research firm IDC’s survey, during the first quarter of 2008, Apple Inc.’s iPhone, which new model is being expected this summer, took 19.2 percent share of the U.S. smart phone market.



According to IDC’s report there is a decline of almost 26.7 percent of smart phone sale that was noted during the fourth quarter of the previous year that also included holiday shopping season.

Most of the drooping was lifted up by RIM’s BlackBerry that took 35.1 percent of the market during the fourth quarter and then 44.5 percent during I Q

According to IDC analyst Ramon Llamas, BlackBerry has come forward as strong player as Research In Motion has effectively increased the charm of the device beyond the professionals, a core customer group for the BlackBerry.
Smart phones have been developed for Web surfing and e-mail besides voice calls and they usually have alphabetic keyboards or touch screens. Smart phones are getting an increasing share of cell phones’ sale as prices are moving down and services provider completing their fast data networks.

IDC, however, didn’t show the total number of smart phones that were sold during the quarter. According to Apple, it sold 1.7 million iPhones during the 1st Q and overseas sale is also included in it.

Palm Inc., which is also considered a leading player along with RIM, its market share got down almost 23 percent in the first quarter a year back that apparently due to Apple’s iPhone that was on sale in the end of last June. So, far RIM’s market share is concerned ,it is also down from last year as it sold 48.7 % of smart phones in the U.S. during the 1st Q.
In the most recent quarter Samsung Electronics was on No. 4 in market share with its 8.6% market share that was almost 5.1% up from the 4th Q, this rise considered due to the availability of its BlackJack on Verzion wireless.

While Motorola Corp, which is struggling overall, didn’t do any things worthwhile in smart phone market and dropped to 2.6 % in the first quarter from 7.5% share in the 4th Q.

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