AppleApple is going to launch new firmware update for its iPhone during the next month, and it’s expected to bring loads of functionality in the iPhone.

Direct movie download is also included in this functionality, at least various screenshots of this new firmware seems to suggest so.

These Apple Insider founded shots apparently indicate towards direct links for iTunes Movies, iTunes Movie Rentals, iTunes TV through Wi-Fi.

If it’s not a rumor, but a reality, it’s a gesture that you need not to plug your device into your computer for update and it would be quite similar to the way movies are downloaded in the podcasts available in the phone right now.

Direct movie download

So, it seems to suggest (if there is something really true in it) that Apple trying to move away its devices not to tie any more to Itunes on computers and it allow users to have content for their cell phones right from their handsets.

Written: appleinsider

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