Whether it’s beginning or ending of the year, Apple and rumors always go together. This time the product is iPhone nano that making rumors mill out of control and has surfaced again with the designs of recent silicone-mold cases for it which can be seen at different websites.

A mobile phone accessories’ maker Vaja has included the iPhone nano in its list of products for which the company develops accessories.  But when reports related to this listing appeared on the Internet, that listing for iPhone nano disappeared.

But it’s not only about Vaja that has shown cases for iPhone Nano, as similar sort of stuff has also appeared on XSKN website in China that seems to verify all that what’s going on regarding development of iPhone Nano.

It’s not limited to cases, as some other accessories are also emerging including iPhone Dock that has been developed by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters.

The company has also been producing digital accessories for the iPhone 3G and iPod. When DLO was requested for comment on it, these guys didn’t answer.

However, many still think that there is nothing believable in these iPhon nano related rumors. They are of the view that different accessory makers are just rolling out iPhone nano’s accessories in anticipation of that gadget.

As these iPhone nano related rumors and speculations are becoming stronger, they are also strengthening expectation for Macworld.

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