iPhone Offers with Play.com

Free SIM

Paly.com is currently offering iPhone 3GS with a free SIM for just £900. Though the SIM comes for free it is still £362 higher than the same thing bought from O2.

There is a history of selling the famous unlocked iPhones through Play.com. The firms have now legally obliged them to unlock the iPhones they are selling.

These type of phones are rumored to be sourced from France where the law states that they must be sold SIM free, the contrary is happening again through Play.com. However, the price is higher too and so you can see through the proclamation of the “free” SIM.


The 16GB iPhone 3GS can be grabbed for a neat £800. So it is overall not a bad deal at all to get this with a Vodafone or T-Mobile with just a £100 more.


You could still get to save some cash if you were waiting for a few more weeks. It would not be long that the prices would be dropping by then!

Source: techradar

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