iphone4.jpgDid you hear? What? Oh yeah it’s on O2 that announced “iPhone is no longer available in UK”
Yup! You have heard it right! The shiny black pearl is no more among us .But you need not to mourn sooner or later you will have it.

O2, which is Apple’s classified iPhone wireless supplier in the UK announced early Thursday on its website that both 8GB and 16GB models of the iPhone are not available in the country.

Not more than a week ago we heard about Carphone Warehouse‘s announcement that it had ran dry of its 16GB iPhones’ supply. Mind it; Carphone Ware house is the retail partner of the carrier.

Earlier, Carphone Warehouse and O2 had announced that the 8GB iPhone was no more in stock and it would not be put back in the stock as its manufacturing had been ceased.

However, O2 didn’t elaborate this sudden shortage but the pundits of the industry can understand that Apple is trying to pave a smooth way for its coming iPhone and depleting European markets because of this very tactic.

We all knew this would happen sooner or later. But O2 clarified it even before our expectations. But now the question rises that when will we see the Apple’s 3rd Gen black pearl and who will be the carrier this time.

Hopefully this would happen in June, probably by the end of next month. IPhone lovers need not worry as they will get it back by the end of June. Probably the first anniversary day (29th June) would be a perfect date.


A lot of people believe that it’s a policy adopted by Apple to stop the sale right now instead of dealing with those pesky complainers who will buy the iPhone now and come with a complain to replace it with the new iPhone.

Some say it is still available in UK at the Apple’s stores while some others believe these to be some tactics of O2 for better hype and advertisement of the coming iPhone. They say it is just to create a greater demand that will bring more sales on the opening of newer generation 3G iPhone.

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