iPod provides better gaming experience than PSP and Ds, Apple boss says

Apple’s iPhone and iPod Chief Greg Joswiak is confident that gaming devices will be at the centre of his company’s future success. He believes that the iPod serves as the better gaming device than Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s DS.

Joswiak told in a recent interview with T3 that the recent passed quarter was iPod’s biggest non-holiday quarter ever.

“So, iPod proved quite impressive and a big part of its success was the launch of the September products. No doubt, we surprised a lot of people with the success of the iPod touch,”


According to Joswiak, games are quite essential to the iPhone and iPod touch success. He says, “Games have been the biggest category of all in the apps store, as there were more than 1500 games with a great affinity between the iPod touch customer and these games.”


Joswiak opines: “iPod gaming can’t be categorized just in ‘casual’ games and these games have really surprised a lot of people and the reason is they are not just causal games. You will find there real 3D games and may surprise to note that we are a little over 100 days into it.”


“The devices like Nintendo DS and Sony PSP will prove more than the past of gaming. The iPod is easier to carry and has the touch display and accelerometer that make game play a real nice experience. It is also the electronic distribution of the apps.”


Regarding future of gaming on Apple’s devices, Josiwak says: “You will find everything on the store from the casual games to the 3D-oreinted games, action games and everything that will make gaming totally changed and far more exciting and joyful experience than ever. Our developers are doing the nice job and working on original content ideas and we are hopeful that they will blow everyone away.”


“The iPod touch will always in your pocket and you wouldn’t need to carry some other consoles,” he added.

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