iriver E50

iriver E50Coming to the scene in December 2008, iriver E50 has been unboxed and tested by Le Journal du Geek. With a full pack of shots, here we get hands on its details provided by the unwrapping team.

Detailing And Specifications

The pretty sleek device from PMP; Australia’s leading media service company, is not a jumbo pack of features, yet attractive. Seemingly workable for basic functionality, it is a slimmer mostly used by MP3 fans as a popular brand.

Physical Appearance

With an elegant metallic finish the player has a very defining look. On the contrary the back is black plastic matte finished body with a distinctive feature of remaining indifferent; not taking fingerprints.


This slimmer comes with 2GB, 4GB or 8GB memory, available for 69 Euros for its 4GB version. This is a small screen; 1.8 “(176 × 220px) device qualitative of TFT LCD 262k color. It has a tuner / FM recorder, plus a microphone, 5EQ and an MP3, FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, SMV, JPEG, BMP. USB 2.0, with 52h audio capabilities with 88 × 38.8 × 7.7 mm dimensions for 40g.


iriver E50’s navigation base is D-Click system which is common in almost each navigation device with a square central button allowing to click on 4 different sides. Volume control is not that easy as the buttons are located on the top corners of the device. With a Flash interface, USB port for mini USB standard on the bottom, 3.5 mm jack can be seen.

 sPhoto by Warehouse123

Quality Music

With an easy and simple interface iriver E50 offer a standard music quality. The screen displays a simple album with the play backs. Accessing music options is as easy as keeping the tab pressed for a little longer, delete, play or skip, it’s nothing intricate.

Watching Videos

With a small screen as iriver E50, movie watching is not a fun. It’s a bit intricate as to save a video as encoding the size of the screen will be required.

Other Features

Like video, camera is of a normal standard too. FM Tuner is there too, with an option to select between MTP and UMS, copy/paste from Windows Explorer is easy.

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