Is It A Laptop? India’s Claim Of 10$ Laptop- A Farce Story

laptopIndia’s 10$ laptop is not a laptop at all. The most awaited and talked about ‘laptop’ turned to be a device without a keyboard and display.

India had been claiming that it is working on a $10 revolutionary laptop that will be a landmark in educational computing. The specifications provided by India were:

The device will support 2GB RAM
Wi-Fi and expandable hardware
Two watts power requirement

The said price was $10 – $30, which is ten times cheaper than the PCs available today in the market. It was specially developed in addition to ‘MIT-developed nonprofit One Laptop Per Child program’.

Indian education ministry had also finalized their deal with publishers: Macmillan, Tata McGraw Hill, Prentice-Hall and Vikas Publishing to provide digital textbooks and content on the $10 laptops. It was said to help poor students who can’t afford to buy paper or any type of informative printed material.


Displayed in a small size of just a 10 x 5- inch wide slab, it scarcely looked like a laptop which India had been loudly pronouncing. It is a shame to call a device like that a ‘laptop’.


It is also said to be a device that ‘could be’ an important part in laptop manufacturing. This argument has been seriously condemned by Taiwanese component manufacturers.

For a device like this, it can be said that even $10 is a high price. We suggest that India should rename the device instead of calling it a laptop.

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