microsoft-zune.jpgThe Zune may have been thrashed by enthusiasts, reviewers, geeks, yes owners too, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to have given up on it yet, and this time round they might be working on a couple of features worth waiting for… A new shuffle system and a more efficient Wi-Fi system. From what we could gather, after witnessing a demo at the Microsoft Techfest, it seems like researchers at Microsoft are working on developing a Smart Shuffle System (S3?) which will play the next song by comparing meta data and tags!!

I carry a wide variety of songs on my 8 GB iPhone and sometimes I find it very irritating when I have the shuffle turned-on and right after a classic rock song I get a trance, think about it.. Dj Tiesto after Metallica. Haven’t you, like me always wished for a more intelligent shuffle system which wouldn’t interrupt with the flow.

The problem with all the shuffle systems out there is that they pick random songs from the library without taking into account the genre or the tempo. So what the researchers at Microsoft’s Zune department are trying to do is, develop a system that creates a shuffle playlist by reading tags and meta data information like tempo and genre for example. The best part however is that, it is not a static piece of software that just does what it has been coded for.. it will not only line up a new song by reading the songs played but its logic can also be controlled by voting for the tracks.

Wow, so for once is it going to be Apple following in Microsoft’s tracks!! Hate to admit it but if Steve’s boys don’t come out with their own version of the Smart Shuffle System, I’d be one disappointed iPhone owner. How can you own an Apple device that’s in some way inferior to something Microsoft manufactured! I for one hope by the time Apple plans to release firmware 2.0 they have something like this silently incorporated into the player.. fingers crossed.

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