seo_logoMajority of people reckons search engine optimization or SEO a complicated thing to learn, but you believe it or not, it is nothing more than an extension of usual marketing.

You must keep in mind that SEO is all about market research, keywords research, on page optimization, structuring, link and brand building, viral marketing, adjusting and to stay up to date. Let’s talk about what it takes to become a true SEO expert.

First of all you need to find out do you really have what is required to compete in some market. Well, it’s not hard to find out you can easily get an overview to know about the competitiveness of some market place by searching on Google and on some other major search engine. So, it’s quite important to explore the search engines to know what kind of websites have been ranking for different words that you reckon important.

Then it comes to keywords research. You must know what kind of keywords people are looking for. It is, too, not hard to know and you can simply use Keyword research tools to find out the details of popular keywords that relate to your field. Different keyword research tools seem nice to provide better qualitative measure instead of providing quantitative measure. So, you need not to be surprised if there is variation in the suggested numbers of different tools.


Structure your website aptly. If you are going to draft content for your site, you must know what sorts of keywords have utmost importance.

You should also map out a strategy to create pages that go nicely with every important keywords group in your site theme. You must also make it sure that the most important pages and categories on your website have been linked sitewide, you are using consistent anchor text in the navigation and linking other pages of content within your site content area.


For better SEO you must know to structure on page content in a nice way. If you use unique and expressive page titles, it can be very helpful for the success of your SEO campaigns. It is nice if you develop hand crafted Meta description to compliment the page title.

When it comes to content of some page, you need to ensure that you are writing for humans, but you should also use tags for heading to make a logical segmentation of the content, as it can be quite helpful to improve scanability of the text. You should also make sure to use descriptive modifiers of your page content whenever possible and every page must also be unique from other available pages.

There is no concept of better SEO without quality link building.  If you want to build nice links for your site, you can do so by submitting your site to directories like Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ and You must also submit your website to niche directories as well as become the part of some trade organizations. King content must be so that people must compel to link your site.

Aside from these steps you also need to focus on impressive brand building, relating viral marketing to SEO, to measure the results and keeping yourself update can be very helpful to optimize your website and get the desired results that you are looking for your SEO campaigns.

Your business can thrive only if you succeed to bring more and more traffic to your site and we know well what sort of attitude people have when they search their desired things online. They opt for those which are better optimized and that’s why it is quite important to learn SEO to survive and thrive in the online world.

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