istockphoto-logoTwitter is filling with buzz these days after the news that its iStockPhoto has been taken down by phishing attack.

iStockPhoto is a photo store that was acquired by Getty Images in 06. All the users of the website have been asked to change their passwords and the homepage of the site has also been taken down.

At present the site is not accessible, but according to Sean Locke, a brief explanation has been provided this evening.

A phishing attack has been launched in the forums as well as in sitemail this afternoon. Under this attack, a false login screen is created and that prompt users for a password and username, saved them to a malicious server and then redirect users back to the main page of iStockphoto.


”It was serious attack on iStock, but our security team has succeeded to discover it in time. For security purposes, we took down the website for a short period of time, but it will soon be up,” a note on the site says.

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