Perhaps, Samsung has realized that people are getting tired of so many handset related stories these days and that’s why it has uncovered its three new ranges of stylish cameras.

Though all these ranges seem to promise a lot for shooters and snipers, the IT100 is a real impressive thing. The IT100 features 12 megapixel lens with a nice TFT LCD 3” screen and 5x optical zoom capacities.

If it’s not enough, with it’s over 3200 ISO range it can combat well with low light and with it can deal with shakes in a nice way with its double Image Stabilization feature.

If you want to shoot short movies with it, it will be pleasing for you to know that you will do your directorial in HD.

It is also able to re-record as well as pause HD videos in the similar clip that is somewhat unique feature for Samsung.
Aside from that the camera will also available with Smart Album that could archive your shots in many different ways related to their colors and themes.

As we can expect that many face and smile detection features are available in it. Besides the IT100, Samsung has also the updates of its E and P-series non-HD camera ranges.

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