January 09: a cracker for gaming

January is near to over, so many would soon return to their normal routines after annoying tax returns and hard to follow diet plans for the New Year. So, now again there are videogames, and other gaming tech to play hype and talk about.

There were several news related to games in the first month of the year and we can say it,indeed, a cracker or to be more exact a gaming month.

The www tech hubs were replete with posts that were suggesting playing videogames is better than watching TV.

Another big bang was a press release from Sony at CES that pointed out the flaws of Microsoft’s XBbox and Nintendo’s Wii while comparing it with its full of feature PlayStation 3.

The release couldn’t succeed to achieve what Sony was really expecting from it.

When it comes to game related news from CES, there wasn’t much fuss, but the news regarding Nvidia to put weight behind its true 3D game developing with many other players like Ubisoft, Capcom and Microsoft.
Interesting news relates to CES 2009 in Vegas that Microsoft showed off a blowing to its answer to LittleBigPlanet.

Besides to include some nice and suitable 3D paraphernalia in it’s line, Dolby promised to offer some betterment in its gaming audio experience.

These were some pieces of news that emerged at CES, otherwise it was replete with super-slim Tellys and pricey portable computers.

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