Japanese company unveils world’s smallest three-speaker headphones

It seems that Japanese firm Audio Technica hasn’t heard about the global financial squeeze yet, at least the release of some eye-wateringly expensive ear buds from hi-fi specialist Audio Technica suggests so.

Perhaps they are trying to pay a bit more attention to the demands for certain luxury goods in the times of economic difficulties. Whatever the case is, the ATH-Ck100 headphones with ¥56,700 price tag also claim the lightest in three-speaker headphones world.

ATH-Ck100 headphones
ATH-Ck100 headphones 


According to company’s claim they are the world’s lightest three-speaker headphones with their meager 4g weight.

For perfect fidelity, these three speakers deliver high, mid and low range tones and the lightness comes in part from them that are made from titanium, but they are so highly priced that we can expect some gold as well as platinum at that price.



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