Japanese firm to allow copying HD films into Blu-ray disks

Japanese firm Tsutaya will become the first company in the world that will allow movie lovers to download HD films and copy them into their Blu-ray chips with their highest quality.

The company will offer around 400 titles at the time of the launch that is expected on this Friday. Video decks connected with the Internet and suitable disk writers are the requirements to make the most of the service.

It’s natural that viewers have to endure copy protection, however, according to Tsutaya, the copies user will make to Blu-ray are not downgraded by any means.

But every user will be allowed to have just two copies at every download.

When it’s about pricing of this new service, it looks somewhat high with ¥3,675 for each film. So the company seems to get what it wants through this high price of its new service.

Aside from Blu-ray disks, users will also be allowed to copy them in memory cards and DVDs, but the quality of these copies will not be similar to HD disk copies. Now it’s on Japanese users what they like to have them HD disks or just DVDs and memory cards, but for most quality would be at the top priority who will pay ¥3,675 for each copy.

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