games are not only a great past time

Social networking has changed the way people chat on the internet, furthermore, it has also changed the way people game these days. With the advent of these social networking websites, games being featured there have become extremely popular.

David Tenemeza has made an effort to establish one such portal that brings forward all those games that you actually play on social networking sites. As soon as we enter the website, we come across a list of the social games such as metropolis, dark ages, mafia cities and the hatchery.

We all know that social gaming has lot more to it than just a cool time pass. It is largely used for branding. Kramaley games claims to have more than 400,000 players a month. One thing that strikes the most about this portal is that the users can actually send them their own ideas along with the options and they would convert that into a social game. It’s not only a great way to beat competition but also a convenient approach to marketing your products.

The site navigation is pretty simple and user friendly. All you need to do is enter in the game you want to play. The site started off as a gaming studio in December, 2007 and became a registered company on July, 14th 2008.  It is a major point of attraction for all those social game lovers. With all the popular games in sight, the portal claims “the hatchery” to be its most popular venture with around 165 million page views in just one quarter of the year.

If we assess the sections on the site, there are only four major places other than the games. There is a top panel that contains two tabs – about us and news. Obviously, there is more information on the company and the formation in the “about us” tab and the news section features the press features about the site. You can also view the company address and the email address in case if you need any help from the support group.

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