LaCinema: A portable movie archive from LaCie

Sometimes simple ideas prove the best and it seems absolutely right with LaCie as it has hit the nail right with its new portable offering.

The device (as coined the LaCinema) is a hard-disk drive, but with a difference as it features an HDMI output that allows you to link it up to a HDTV player instantly. Unsurprisingly, the device has been made by LaCie.

The device has a scratch-free aluminum chassis, a shock-resistant rubber bumper and some internal anti-shock absorbers. But why all this?  Perhaps, if you decide you to throw it away after watching the hi-def travesty, it may help to safe it. May be.

The LaCinema will be available in 205GB, 320GB and 500GB sizes and it can house almost 700 films.

USB 2.0 and composite video connections for the not-yet-HD users are some other included connections. You will also get a remote control to add something new in your stupid large remote collection.

The price tag hanging in LaCinema neck is quite reasonable mentioning just £129.

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