PlayStation 3

Sony Corporation has launched its latest version of PlayStation 3 video games. This gaming console not only seems to have found the wonderful price point to put a match to sales during the all significant seasons of Christmas. This PlayStation has also managed to decrease hardware and also manufacturing prices near the breakeven points. This version is managed by the iSuppli Corp. Teardown Analysis Services as well.

The latest version of PlayStation 3 has come closer to the breaking even than any previous version of the gaming console. This latest version of PlayStation 3 is available for $299 with 120GB HDD models in USA that means Sony is selling every PlayStation 3 for only $31.27, which are less than the manufacturing and material cost of this product. In comparison, in October 2008, Sony sold its previous versions of this PlayStation for $49.72 each that were also less than its material and manufacturing cost.

The reducing cost and price of Sony PlayStation 3 has arrived in time for the peak Christmas sales seasons. The sales of PlayStation 3 have reached an all-time high during the week of Black Friday due to its very low rates. According to the Sony Corp. total 4.4 million PlayStation 3 game consoles were sold in only USA during one week. Its previous sales were very low due to its comparatively high prices as compared to the competition. In the latest version of this gaming console, different types of critical semi-conductors and chips are used that are less expensive than the previous processors that are generated for PlayStation 3 games.

These new chips cut the power usage of PlayStation 3 games and also reduce the hardware costs as well. PlayStation 3 has always been a complex product, which is manufactured with the large number of components. All the latest versions of PlayStation 3 games are simplified in terms of not only sub-system counts and components, but also in their overall complexity.