cpr_flashlight.jpgIt’s very basic and can be helpful to save lives if done rightly .But still CPR isn’t a required course for every citizen. You must know about the proper method and if you don’t, you must have this product combo that talks you about the basic steps of CPR.

One can be in an emergency situation at any moment as it can’t be told what’s going to happen in the next moment. If someone has drowned and you don’t know anything about CPR, you could do nothing worthwhile to save this person as you don’t know how to save others in such conditions. Thus, this drowned who may be your relative or friend would have to die because of your inability. To convert your inability into ability a LED flashlight has been developed that teaches you some basic steps about CPR.

This 4 inches long device is all about on/off push-buttons, CPR read-off features, Armageddon images and plentiful self-taught nurses. There are different instructions related to adult, child and infants. It’s available in a high-efficiency LED with an ultra-compact AAA battery-based design. But does it talk fast or just proves good for nothing in really tense moments, this is the moot question.

It means, if a victim dies now, their families will take legal action against flashlight makers instead of the person who was trying to help.

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